May 2, 2019

A symbol for a civil partnership?

We all know that civil partnerships for mixed-sex couples are due to come in by the end of this year.  A Government consultation is starting into how and when the change will be introduced. As a campaign group, we are involved with that and will keep all supporters up-to-date. But we are also thinking about how couples might wish to mark the occasion of a entering into a Civil Partnership.

One suggestion is to explore the idea of creating a shared and wearable item or motif that will come to symbolise the first wave of mixed-sex Civil Partnerships.  Married people can of course share wedding rings; maybe civil partners will want their own distinctive, yet equally permanent, alternative little icon?

An initial brainstorm yielded suggestions such as: pin badges, jewellery, pendants, bangles, bracelets or some radical design of ring …possibly in matching or complementary pairs to symbolise partnership. Probably made of resilient, semi-precious metal. We’ve ruled out body-piercing!

The ECP campaign team could go so far as to take the lead in organising the design, manufacture and sale of such items (at a reasonable price!) if demand and interest from couples is apparent. Now is our chance to create something that thousands of people could wear for years to come.

So we’d love to get the thoughts and suggestions from you – our interested supporters -about this idea.

– Is it something you’d be interested in seeing come to fruition?
– Would you and your partner wear something special to commemorate your civil partnership?
– If so, what’s your suggestion for what it might be?

Do let us know.

Get in contact via email – facebook (@equalcivilpartnerships) or twitter (@equalCPS) to let us know what you think

  • gabriela mackinnon, May 2, 2019 Reply

    One joy of an equal civil partnership is that it has none of the baggage of expectations surrounding traditional marriages. Special symbols just perpetuate the expectations. I would prefer there to be no "new baggage" created around equal civil partnerships.

  • bananarama, May 3, 2019 Reply

    No thanks. One of the reasons my partner and I want a CP is to avoid all the mummery and symbolism associated with marriage. We're modern kids, we just want a nice, clean, simple and clear way to make sure our relationship affords us the sames kids of legal rights & protections that a marriage does. Building a construct of symbolism and meaning around a CP doesn't help those who don't want to buy into it that new symbolism - in fact it's exactly the reason why (presumably quite a few) of us wanted to avoid marriage in favour of CP in the fist place.

  • Elaine, May 3, 2019 Reply

    Sorry, got to agree with the previous two comments, it's not really something I'd want. That is the sort if thing I want to avoid.

  • Wendy, May 3, 2019 Reply

    My partner and I exchanged matching “commitment rings” in white gold a few years ago. Hoping to have our CP asap

  • Nick, May 4, 2019 Reply

    As the others say - the point is to not "have to" do any of the nonsense.
    But you could easily just have a heart-shaped symbol, made from (lightly stylised versions of) the letters:
    (hey it'd even have the "two hearts coming together" aspect to it)
    ...that people could use anywhere they want Or Not At All...
    (...I bet it's been done already?)

  • Ade, May 5, 2019 Reply

    I agree that no public symbol would suit us best. That’s been a real strength of our relationship over the last 35 years. We are seeking a civil partnership to formalise our financial and legal arrangements. We don’t need to display our commitment.

  • Tony, May 6, 2019 Reply

    No thank you, however, if couples feel the need to show that they are in a CP they can consider a traditional ring, but I consider that any other form of symbolism is unnecessary and a bit like 'joining a club'.

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