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    What are we doing about it?

The campaign for equal civil partnerships is working hard on a range of fronts to ensure that civil partnerships are extended to all couples, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.

Working on the inside

We are lobbying Prime Minister Theresa May and the Minister for Woman and Equalities Justine Greening to get the law changed.

We are meeting with MPs from across all parties, bringing them on board and adding their support to our cause.

MP Tim Loughton has also tabled a Private Members’ Bill which would extend civil-partnerships to different sex couples: that Bill will have it’s second reading on 13th January 2017. We are asking as many MPs as possible to turn up and support Tim’s Bill on the 13th.

To help rally more support we are also going to be placing an EDM in support of Charles and Rebecca and asking a number of parliamentary questions.

Taking the issue to the High Court

As well as lobbying government, the ban on opposite-sex couples forming civil partnerships is being taken to the Court of Appeal on the basis that the current law is incompatible with the UK’s 1998 Human Rights Act.

This case is being taken by different-sex couple Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld, who helped inspire the equal civil partnerships campaign. Following a refusal from their local registry office to form a civil partnership in 2014, the couple decided to challenge the current law that prevents this by taking the case all the way to the High Court. Charles and Rebecca’s case was heard by the High Court in 2016. The judge ruled that the ban on equal civil partnerships was lawful but also said that many people would regard the situation as unfair and that, as the case raised issues of “wider public importance”, it deserved scrutiny by a higher court.

Charles and Rebecca have decided to appeal against this judgement and their case will be heard in the Court of Appeal in November 2016.

To learn more about the background and progress to date on the case visit our Legal Challenge page.

Getting your support!

It is crucial that we get as many people as possible to publicly support the campaign so that it has the greatest chance of success.

We know there is huge public support for our goal, and that a successful outcome would both provide greater choice for many thousands of couples in the UK, and take us one step closer towards a truly equal society.

You can get involved in supporting the campaign in a number of ways:

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