Equal Civil Partnerships
Campaign Group


The Equal Civil Partnership Campaign Group plans the campaign strategy, fundraises and through a mixture of media and social media awareness raising, the legal case and parliamentary lobbying have been instrumental in ending this inequality and now look forward to enjoying equal civil partnerships.

Martin Loat, Campaign Chair, is in a civil partnership with long-term partner Claire Beale with whom he has two teenage children. The partnership, signed and legalised in the Isle of Man, will become a legal reality in England and Wales on 2nd December 2019.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan are the campaign’s champions, having taken the Government to court over the failure to allow equal civil partnerships and finally won their case at the Supreme Court in June 2018. Long-term campaigners for #equallove, the couple have two young children.

Fiona Millar, journalist and campaigner, is in a long-term relationship with partner, Alastair Campbell. They have three adult children.

Amy Grant (not pictured) joined the campaign in May 2020 as campaign lead with the brief to establish mscps as part of fabric of UK life. She and her partner, Ben Piggott, are planning their own civil partnership. 

The core campaign group have been supported by equal rights activist, Peter Tatchell, human rights legal expert, Prof Robert Wintemute and Elsie Owusu OBE