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    Letter to Registrar

Dear xxx

We have recently registered our civil partnership with you on xx/xx/xxxx and were disappointed with some aspects of the registration.

A civil partnership is not a marriage ceremony. It is a totally new legal relationship and people are able to make of it what they want. What we wanted was the most simple – a signing of the register with two witnesses and making no further vows or other ceremonial statements from the registrar.

We know that we are entitled to this and that the basic legal requirement for a civil partnership registration is for us to declare that we are free to enter into one with any further details optional.

We were therefore disappointed that [please include your own experiences]

We appreciate that with a new relationship such as this, everyone is on a learning curve. We are informing the Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign of our experience and would appreciate an apology from yourselves together with advice on how you plan to change this to accommodate couples in future.

Yours sincerely