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The Equal Civil Partnerships campaign is calling on the government to extend the right to civil partnerships to all couples, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.


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  • “A single word – Equality.”

    - Alisha Gillin, Milton Keynes

  • “I believe in equality. I don’t especially believe in marriage. All couples should be able to choose what is right for them. There should be no discrimination.”

    - Nicola Freeman, London

  • “I oppose discrimination and support civil partnerships for all couples who choose them.”

    - Stephen Hallett, London

  • “Although I will probably opt for the traditional route should I ever get married, I believe we should have the option to do either. Anyone who would like to have a civil partnership should have one, regardless of if that is me or not.”

    - Holly Grahan, London

  • “We must have equality of choice regardless of sexual preference.”

    - Cllr Anna Bailey, Ely