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The Equal Civil Partnerships campaign is calling on the government to extend the right to civil partnerships to all couples.

Since the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act (2004) same sex couples have been able to enter into civil partnerships. The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 legalised same sex marriages in England and Wales from March 2014. (Scotland, operating under devolved law also allows both same sex marriage and civil partnerships.) Since that date, same sex couples, quite rightly, have the option to choose the best legal framework for their own relationship.

Mixed sex couple, however, have only the choice of marriage when many couples would prefer to formalise their relationship – and enjoy the security and benefits of a legal partnership – through the formation of a civil partnership.

The Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign Group is focussed upon changing the law so that all couples have the same access to choose the type of framework they want for their relationship, a framework which will protect all couples, legally and financially in the eyes of the law.

The campaign is pursuing a dual strategy through both the British legal system with a recent Supreme Court victory declaring the discrepancy discriminatory and through parliament via a Private Members Bill.

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A Message from our Chair, Martin Loat

Thank you for your interest in the campaign for Equal Civil Partnerships.
I got involved four years ago, when our campaign champions – Rebecca and Charles – first announced that they would take the UK Government to court for discrimination. I have been committed and battling away with them and our other steering group stalwarts ever since.
I am actually in a lawful heterosexual civil partnership. In 2016 I travelled with Claire, my partner of 27 years, to secure a CP in the only part of the British Isles where they are available: the Isle of Man.
You might expect me to write that I am “delighted” to act as Chair for the campaign, but in truth, I’m not.  My role should be superfluous. It’s patently unfair and iniquitous that one set of couples in society should be able to enter into a legal agreement that is an alternative to marriage, while another – rather larger – group cannot.
On 2 October 2018, Theresa May announced that the Government would extend civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples. This followed the resounding victory in the Supreme Court in June 2018 of our campaign champions, Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan. The judges found 5-0 in their favour that the current state of affairs was in breach of the European Human Rights Act.
However, although we very much welcome this statement, we are concerned that no time-line or detail on the process has been given. We want hard facts and ask the Government to make a date to legislate so we can make a date to celebrate.
So until the law changes and any adult couple in Britain can enter into a civil partnership if they want to, regardless of sexual orientation, we will will keep campaigning.
In this your help and support is vital. So thank you and please keep donating, pressurising  and agitating to get this anomaly put to bed so that opposite-sex couples who want a civil partnership – for whatever reason – can legally get one.
Keep going!


Martin Loat, Chair, Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign

The first Civil Partnership for a couple travelling from the UK
Martin Loat and partner Claire Beale completing their Civil Partnership at Douglas Courthouse

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