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The campaign for mixed-sex civil partnerships has been won in England and Wales. The mutual support of the campaign and our supporters has been invaluable! Check how to stay involved over the coming months as mixed-sex civil partnerships become an established legal relationship Register with   us to be kept informed

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With no further grants, we need more funding to continue our work supporting couples planning a mixed-sex civil partnership and building a lasting legacy for the new legal relationship.

We have used two funding platforms to give our supporters flexibility of choice

To enable us to continue to make plans, we need the confidence of knowing that our funding stream won’t dry up. If you are able to commit to a regular monthly sum – of either £5, £10 or £20 we would be delighted if you could sign up to our direct debit scheme. As an added incentive, we will send you a free gift!

If you would prefer to donate a one-off sum of any size, we would also be delighted.

Become an ECP Supporter at £5/month and receive a cute pin badge

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Donate your Civil Partnership

If your friends and family want to celebrate your civil partnership but you don’t want any presents, why not donate your civil partnership? Ask for donations for Equal Civil Partnerships instead – and we’ll send you an ECP branded mug as a thank-you.

You can set up via your own JustGiving page. Or we would be happy to set it up for you – Just email us at hello@equalcivilpartnerships.org.uk with title line JustGiving and we’d be happy to help.

Or you can ask your family and friends to donate via GoFundMe

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A Civil Partnership Brooch

If you want something special to mark the occasion, Equal Civil Partnerships has worked with Dunn Jewellery to create a special design for civil partnerships, ideal as a  unisex brooch, though it can be adapted to different forms.

Civil Partner Bar Brooch

The beautiful copper and sterling silver brooch is available  purchase here.

The ECP Campaign has no financial involvement and makes no profit from the sale of the brooches.

Witness Registration Scheme

If you would like to help other couples by witnessing their registration, please click here to provide details of location and availability.

If you need one or two witnesses for your registration, please click here to provide details of time and location. We will do our best to help.

Equal Civil Partnerships is now on running on donations. If you benefit from the witness registration service and are able to contribute, we would be very grateful for any donations you feel able to make – Donate here

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Let us all celebrate together as couples start to give notice from 2nd December and to be able to register their partnerships from 31st December. Upload your photos of the register office or the registration to social media using the hashtag #ADateToCelebrate or send them to us at hello@equalcivilpartnerships.org.uk or via Facebook or Twitter

Rate your Register Office

Let us know how your register office did

As we have passed over 9 months of mixed-sex civil partnerships – although for much of that, no registrations were able to take place! –  we’d like to know how register offices are doing – in terms of offering choice of registrations and time-slots and in terms of their own understanding and welcoming of the new legal relationship.

Take a couple of seconds to fill in our online form Rate Your Register Office and let us know what you think. Be assured we won’t use personal names or details in any press communications.

Rate Your Register Office

Law Commission Consultation

Do fill in the Law Commission Consultation on future regulations for marriage – much of which will be applicable to civil partnerships also.

For full details of which sections to look out, check out our guide to the consultation.

Image: Shup selfie 72/365 by Rafiq Sarlie on Flickr.