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January 7, 2022

ONS Figures for 2020 Released

The ONS has released figures for 2020, the first full year in which mixed-sex civil partnerships were allowed to be registered in England and Wales.

Despite the closure of register offices in March and then subsequent restrictions on number of guests able to attend, 7566 mixed-sex civil partnerships were formed.

2020 was not the ideal first year for mixed-sex civil partnerships that we had been hoping for. We are encouraged that over 15,000 people in England and Wales were able to form the legal and life relationship of their choice, ensuring security for themselves during a health crisis. Given the problems facing couples last year when civil partnerships were not allowed to go ahead at all – or with so many restrictions that many couples decided to wait – we don’t know how many more civil partnerships might otherwise have been formed. 

We are delighted for each and every couple that registered their relationship during that difficult year.