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August 17, 2018

Office of National Statistics – Civil Partnerships in 2017

The ONS have published the statistics on same sex civil partnersips for 2017 with the key finding that the number of people choosing a civil partnership rose by 2% over the previous year. This is the second annual increase since the introduction of same sex marriage in 2013.

ONS: Civil Partnerships in England and Wales 2017

We are delighted for all the couples who have chosen to celebrate and formalise their life together in this way. It is also hugely relevant to our cause as one of the issues to be looked at in the Command Paper issued by the Government in May is the ongoing take-up of civil partnerships amongst same sex couples.

Martin Loat, Chair of the Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign Group, states

These figures show a clear ongoing demand for civil partnerships, despite same sex couples being able to choose the option of marriage. A civil partnership is the real preference for many couples – both same and different sex – who want to formalise their relationship in law.