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March 27, 2019

Royal Assent Received

On Tuesday 26 March 2019 the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Bill received Royal Assent. It is now an Act of Parliament i.e. Law.

March 15, 2019

Thousands of couples may have mixed-sex civil partnerships by end of this year #ADateToCelebrate

Whilst other partnerships have been under intense debate in Parliament over the last few days, mixed-sex civil partnerships end the week on a triumphal high. The Private Members Bill, brought by Tim Loughton MP, received final Parliamentary approval in the House of Commons today. It will now become law – permitting the first mixed-sex civil partnerships in England and Wales by the end of the year.

Martin Loat, Chair of the Equal Civil Partnerships campaign, commented, “We have battled long and hard to achieve this victory. We congratulate Tim Loughton MP for his determined and skilled championing of this Private Members Bill through Parliament. The Government now plans a consultation to assess just how equal civil partnerships for all are going to work. The Equal Civil Partnership campaign will play a full part in this and will continue to speak up for our supporters.”

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan have played a vital part in the campaign, taking the Government through the courts with a final win in the Supreme Court in June 2018 which helped to secure the safe passage of the Bill through parliament. They commented, “We are relieved that the Government finally listened to the Supreme Court and to the thousands of other couples like us who want the option of forming a civil partnership. We’re delighted that with the passing of today’s Bill, now, finally, we can start to plan our own celebrations. Against the headwinds of Brexit, it is a real tribute to what civic action, political commitment and most of all hard graft over many years can bring about. We thank everyone involved in this team effort.”

The Bill was taken through parliament as a Private Members Bill by Tim Loughton MP in the Commons and Baroness Fiona Hodgson in the Lords. Tim Loughton MP commented, “This has been a long and hard-fought journey, but will be well worth it for the recognition and stability it will provide many thousands of mixed-sex couples. I am grateful to the work done by the Equal Civil Partnerships campaign and all others who have supported us in securing this vitally important piece of legislation.”

His colleague in the House of Lords, Baroness Hodgson added, “It was a privilege to steer this Bill through the Lords. I have had a huge mailbag from people who are desperate to have a civil partnership and I hope it changes many people’s lives for the better.”

With 3.3 million unmarried couples living together in the UK and over 145,000 signatories on a Change.org petition calling for mixed-sex civil partnerships, the ruling is being welcomed on social media with couples delighting in #ADateToCelebrate. Couples like Joanna and Steve from Hebden Bridge who urgently need this new civil partnership law as Steve has terminal prostate cancer and the couple want legal security – without marriage – after thirty years together.

March 14, 2019


After a progression through the UK courts – culminating in a unanimous win at the Supreme Court in June 2018, and a two year passage through Parliament, mixed-sex civil partnerships  will finally pass into law on Friday 15th March.

The Civil Partnerships, Marriage and Deaths (Registration etc) Bill brought by Tim Loughton MP will have its final reading at 9.30 on Friday 15th March. It is expected to pass unopposed and with no amendments with Government and cross-party support.

The ECP campaign group are asking supporters to come down to Westminster and gather outside the Supreme Court before 10.45 am to welcome the Tim Loughton MP and key campaigners as they come out of the Houses of Parliament.

Tim Loughton, ECP Campaign Chair, Martin Loat and campaigners Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan will make statements to the supporters and press at 11 am.

The ECP campaign group are also asking supporters to share their celebrations with photos/plans for their own civil partnerships on social media using the hashtag #ADateToCelebrate

March 11, 2019

Bill passes final reading in The Lords

On Friday 8 March Baroness Fiona Hodgson asked that the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Bill be read for a third time in The Lords. It passed with no further changes and will now proceed back to the House of Commons there for a final reading on Friday 15 March 2019.

March 4, 2019

Bill Passes Report Stage With No Amendments

On Friday March 1st 2019 the Equal Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Bill passed its Report stage in the House of Lords.

Whilst three amendments had been tabled for the Bill and all three discussed during the Report stage, all three were ultimately withdrawn, allowing the Bill to pass unopposed or amended through to its next and final stage in the Lords, the Third reading.

The Bill will then need to return for a final reading in the House of Commons.