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July 19, 2017

Campaign “delighted” that Tim Loughton will introduce a Bill for mixed-sex civil partnerships

The Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign has spoken of its “delight” at the news the MP Tim Loughton will be introducing a Bill to create mixed-sex civil partnerships [1].

Mr Loughton finished fifth in this year’s ballot of Private Members’ Bills which means the Bill he chooses to introduce stands a high chance of becoming law if the government backs it. His Bill will be unveiled in parliament today following Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Matt Hawkins, Campaign Manager for the Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign said:

“We are delighted that Tim has chosen to use his Private Members Bill to create mixed-sex civil partnerships. His decision will not only be popular with the thousands who have signed our petition calling for such a law but with the MPs from across the House of Commons who have backed our campaign. We’re looking forward to working with Tim to steer this Bill through parliament and in doing so extend choice and full opportunities for legal and financial protection to mixed-sex couples.”

As the law stands same-sex couples can enter into a civil partnership or get married but mixed-sex couples can only marry. A campaign to change the law and give mixed-sex couples the right to a civil partnerships has been running since 2015 [2]. Over 76,000 people have signed a petition calling for civil partnerships to be open to all [3] and MPs, MEPs, and Members of the London Assembly, including the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, have pledged their support for the cause [4].


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