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    Our response to parliamentary debate on mixed-sex civil partnerships

    January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017

Our response to parliamentary debate on mixed-sex civil partnerships

The Bill to extend civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples was debated in parliament today (Friday 13th January) but ran out of time before a vote could be taken. In response to the debate Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign Manager Matt Hawkins said:

“In today’s debate MPs from across the political divide spoke passionately – and almost unanimously – in favour of giving mixed-sex couples the right to get a civil partnership. MPs on all sides were in agreement that is the right, popular, and positive thing to do. Change will come – no matter how many minor administrative obstacles the government chooses to raise in objection: couples who have waited years for legal and protection financial protection are unlikely to be swayed by an argument about the number of textual amendments law makers will need to make just to give them the rights they seek and deserve. With over 71000 signatories on our petition for equal civil partnerships and MPs from every party backing our cause, we are confident that we will win through.”

The Bill will return to parliament on 24th March.

  • Michael Addison, January 13, 2017 Reply

    Typical government time wasting from the minister. I'm really embarrassed to live in this country sometimes. It's one excuse after another. This must be the most inactive government in history. Even when faced with such an easy win in terms of getting something done (only changing a few words of text on a bill) they still can't manage it. I continue to wait to get partnered in an unequal society thanks to an inept government.

  • Dors and Pete, January 13, 2017 Reply

    Ahhh very frustrating but we must keep up the presure

  • Ian Aird, January 14, 2017 Reply

    How many MPs compared with the total complement were actually present? How do we get positive and active support on 24th March from all those MPs who did not attend? Have we any way of predicting the Pro/Contra balance before the debate, for example by polling ALL MPs to pre-declare their position ...... This may mean the Campaign writing to them demonstrating the support so far, rather than relying on sporadic individual letters form constituents..... I also think that a well-timed letter to the editors of all national and local newspapers would call the attention of all MPs to the injustice of the present position and the support that there exists for correcting the imbalance.

  • Joan West, January 14, 2017 Reply

    Extending civil partnerships to mixed sex couples is essntial to reflect sexual equality in our modern society. People are people regardless of their sexuality so two people should be able to enter into a mutually advantagous contract that organises their lives and protects their loved ones.

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