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    Date for civil partnerships verdict announced

    February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017

Date for civil partnerships verdict announced

The verdict of the Court of Appeal on the legality of the current ban on mixed-sex civil partnerships will be handed down on Tuesday 21st February at 10.20AM.

A public gathering in support of mixed-sex civil partnerships will take place outside the Royal Courts of Justice from 9.45AM on the day of the judgement.

Responding to the announcement of the date,

Rebecca Steinfeld said:

“When we started our legal battle for the right to form a civil partnership three years ago we could never have envisaged the incredible levels of support that would follow. Over 72,000 people have signed our petition on Change.org calling on the government to open civil partnerships to all. We have received support from nearly every major political party. It really is remarkable but it just speaks to the fact that opening civil partnerships is popular, fair and would be good for families and children. Whatever happens on Tuesday, the campaign has showed why we need mixed-sex civil partnerships. We hope that the government will take heed and act soon to open civil partnerships to all.”

Charles Keidan said:

“We are very hopeful about Tuesday’s judgement. We believe we have not only the law but basic fairness on our side. Whatever happens on Tuesday, we will be looking to the government to open civil partnerships to all couples at the earliest opportunity. By doing so, they will be listening to the thousands of people who want to see mixed-sex civil partnerships open to all. This is the simple, fair and popular thing to do.”


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